Tony Jenkins is an experienced coach and strategist who advises executives and management teams in four key areas.  He works with clients who want to Build a strong vision and an effective leadership team in order to drive dynamic growth.

  • Executive Coaching

    Individual coaching sessions

    • To lay out clear goals, and a plan to reach them.
    • To navigate complex management decisions
    • To understand your core strengths and how to leverage them
    • To create a learning and development plan for your own growth


    Team coaching sessions

    • To align around a growth strategy or vision
    • To build relationships within a newly formed team
    • To drive transformative change
    • To deal with uncertainty and times of transition
  • Leadership Development

    A customized program for executives that lays out a clear vision of where you want to be, and then propels you to reach that vision by

    • Understanding and leveraging your core strengths
    • Creating a growth and development plan
    • Activating your own style and language of leadership
    • Learning to make smart decisions from your gut
  • Management Training

    A comprehensive learning and development program to enable growth in six key management areas.

    • Foundations of Leadership
    • The 6 Attitudes of an Effective Leader
    • Mentoring and Development
    • Core Values and Behaviors
    • Clear Communication
    • Conflict Resolution


    These modules can be delivered as standalone workshops or as part of a larger training program for managers and emerging leaders.

  • Strategic Planning

    I will work with your leadership team to develop a 3-5 year strategic vision that lays out

    • Growth plan with specific targets
    • Key market trends and competitive landscape
    • Human and capital resources needed
    • Accountability and ownership

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