Strengths Overview

Lead with your Strengths, and the rest will follow.

Tony has been leveraging the power and insight of StrengthsFinder since 2010.  He uses the Strengths in all of his individual and group coaching programs to help people harness the power of their natural talents and work together towards a shared vision.  

He aspires to support his clients on three levels:

  • As a partner to leadership teams in times of transformation
  • As a guide to spark teams to perform at their very best
  • As a coach dedicated to each person’s ongoing success

Strengths Training for Coaches

Tony also leads a 6-week online Strengths training program for coaches and leaders who want to transform the lives of their clients. The program teaches you how to better leverage your own Strengths, and how to manage your clients’ strengths and transform their vision into reality.

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Tony’s Top 5 Strengths are:

Strategic   |   Communication   |   Relator   |   Developer   |   Responsibility

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